A Centre of Worship For Centuries

With the opening of Victoria Bridge, and the phenomenal progress made by the fishing industry in Aberdeen, a large population quickly gathered on the south side of the Dee and the whole district was transformed.

At a meeting of the Presbytery of Aberdeen on 25 September 1894, the nessecity of a church extension in Torry was urged on the Presbytery and Kirk Session of Nigg. Very little was done until the beginning of 1896 when a public meeting was called and a committee appointed to act along with the Presbytery. In the course of time a site was secured on Walker Road. On 19 November 1898 the foundation stone of the church was laid.

The building was designed by Mr A.H.L MacKinnon, Architect. The plans provided for a church in the Gothic style of architecture, which when completed would contain 818 sittings, the part to be built at once would provide for 550 sittings at a cost of about £2000. Within a year of building starting the church was ready for use, the dedication service taking place on 24 November 1899. This service was conducted by Rev. Dr. Mitford Mitchell. In due course steps were taken towards securing a Minister for the church. On 11 April 1900 Rev. Archibald MacIntyre M.A. was appointed.

In 1998, an excellent little book was produced to mark the centenary of the building in which we currently meet. Copies can be accessed here.



Torry St. Fittick’s is a Gothic church designed by A.H.L MacKinnon in 1898.  It was planned to be a large church of 818 seats at a cost of £2000 but was opened without being finished with 550 seats.

New church Halls were opened Oct 1932. In addition to use by church organisations the halls are used for a variety of social purposes.  The large hall boasts a moderately sized stage and has seating for 275. The small hall seating 50.When it was realised that the church building plans of the earlier century would never be fulfilled i.e. extensive building additions, the transepts and arches were filled in and harled to its present state using money raised by the congregation.A service of rededication took place on Sunday 26th November 1961 to give thanks for the finished work.


Stained Glass Windows

In Torry St. Fittick’s we have several stained glass windows. The most striking of these is largest, situated at the front of the Sanctuary. To commission this striking piece, the Torry 500 committee raised funds through fun days, fetes and the launch of a book. The generosity of the people of Torry enabled Torry St. Fittick's to install this magnificent stained glass window.

The manufacturers SGO of Berryden Road, Aberdeen were approached by committee members in the summer of 1995  to discuss installation of the window for Torry St. Fittick's to celebrate the Torry Festival. The window had to have a local theme as well as an ecclesiastical feel.  The committee members stipulated the guidelines involved, i.e. the trawler and lighthouse as well as the Aberdeen harbour line. The window is constructed of 12 separate pieces of glass, to give it a traditional look. Minster glass, which has a textured finish was used. The result can be seen in the gallery opposite.


Our programme of refurbishment began after many years of planning on 11th September 2011.  After extensive work which included the removal of pews, treatment for wet and dry rot, re-wiring, replacement of the floor and installation of a new heating system.  As well as many more things too numerous to mention.  We were able to celebrate the conclusion of work and the retirement of Rev Dr Iain Barclay, with Communion on 30th April 2012.

We now have a Church fit for future generations to worship in and enjoy.